The MetaPopit owners will be able to stake their NFT(s) and obtain GREAT REWARDS through the staking mechanism. staking.metapopit.com

They will therefore be able to collect power-ups and level up their NFT(s), according to the duration of the staking process and the number of NFTs staked together, simultaneously (the maximum number is 4!).

This will be a huge competitive advantage when the game launches, because each reward obtained through staking is automatically stored in the NFT’s contract → when a MetaPopit will start to play the game for the 1st time, its contract will be scanned and will show the level and number of hints earned from staking, up to that point.

The earlier you stake, the greater the competitive advantage.
The higher the level of the NFT, the higher its value.
A ranking board will be available on our website and it will display the level for each NFT.

To understand better how this will work, let’s dive deeper:
🔸 To go from Level 0 to Level 1 → 6hrs
🔸 To go from Level 1 to Level 2 → 12hrs
🔸 To go from Level 2 to Level 3 → 24hrs
… and so on; the time needed to advance to the next level doubles every time.

🔸 1 NFT staked → Normal Speed
🔸 2 NFTs staked → 5% Speed Boost
🔸 3 NFTs staked → 10% Speed Boost +1 Hint PU every 24h (hint time required doubles every time)
🔸 4 NFTs staked → 15% Speed Boost +1 Hint PU every 12h (hint time required doubles every time)

🔸 “Approve” the staking contract.
🔸 Select how many MetaPopit you will stake (between 1 and 4).
🔸 To unstake, you will have to accept the conclusion of the contract and the NFT will be unblocked from the user’s wallet.
The reward will be “pending” as long as the staking is active.

⚠️ NB:
🔸 When a MetaPopit is staked, it can’t be sold until the owner unstakes it.
🔸 The owner can unstake their NFT(s) whenever they want, being aware that all the progress for the next level up will be lost. (ex: if an owner starts to stake one MetaPopit at level 0 and they decide to unstake it when it is between level 4 and 5, the unstaked MetaPopit’s level will be 4.)
🔸 During the staking, the NFT(s) will still appear in the user’s wallet, but any transfer will be blocked: the NFT(s) can’t be sent to another wallet, or sold on OpenSea.